Riki Frahmann

Spiritual Adviser

  • About
  • Hi & Welcome,

    I have been listening, sharing and helping people through my spiritual sessions with my ability to show empathy, love and compassion during our sessions. I connect in a deep way that many have found comforting and clarifying. I offer Loving support to help guide you through your hard times, and tough decisions along your journey to Spiritual Enlightenment.

    I was born Roberta Gallop, and I have been doing my spiritual healing work under the name of Riki Frahmann for 40 years. I have a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Sciences from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and I am an Ordained Minister of the Wisdom of the Heart Church. I have a Diploma of Hypnotherapy from HMI Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy. I am also an Awaken Your Light Body Graduate. I am certified in many Healing Modalities including Life Coaching and Reiki.

    Being a long-time student of ACIM, I am open, and there are few places I am afraid to go. I am also GLBT friendly and am a friend of Bill W's. I would say a large percent of my client base are other gifted people that just need an honest view at just the right time, I love the Guides I work with and I hope you will grow to love them too.

  • Sessions
  • $25.25 for up to half hour session & $55.55 for up to an hour. New clients please choose half hour sessions only.

    I am available by Phone or Skype, Tuesday through Thursday; 9am-3pm.

    I do not do "one quick" questions or email questions.

    How to set-up your session with me:

    SELF - “Quick Schedule&Pay” Button Above – For those wanting to set it up now.

    CONTACT ME - “Already Scheduled? Pay Here" Button Below –You also can Contact me to schedule your session, and click button after scheduled.

    You can also send a check to Riki Frahmann or Roberta Gallop, 18600 State HWY 22 Glencoe, MN 55336, or ask me to send you a money request by email.

    1-413-796-1223 or,

    Call me or skype me at the appointed time. Please have a list of the areas and questions youwant to look at with you and enjoy your session.

  • Policy
  • By Purchasing a session, you understand:

    1. That you must be 18 years or older.

    2. This is not a psychic reading and I do not give predictions and give no guarantee on accuracy.

    3. That I take no responsibility for the outcome of your session.4. That this session is not meant to be asubstitute for professional physical, spiritual or mental health services.

    REFUND POLICY - Full refunds are given when requested, in exchange for a greater-than 24-hour cancellation notice. Less than 24-hour notice is subject to a 50% service charge. Rescheduling with less than 24-hour notice is subject to a 25% service charge. To reserve and "no call - no show" you will not be eligible for any percentage of refund unless evidence is shown of hospitalization. To reserve time and squander it, does not come free of charge. All charged percentage factors after financial-trade service fees are already retracted and are therefore not included.